New Ultra Density Form C Relay For DC Applications


The 104E-1T 1FormC(A+B) small package SIP series added new DC relay.  With “High Contact Rate”, “High Reliability” in small package, this DC Performance relay reduces pins and internal shield to optimize for DC applications.  Similar to the other 104E family, Magnetic Shield is a standard feature in this series and helps high-density small mounting area.- 10W Contact Rate / 100VDC Switching
– 11.43mm x 3.81mm Mounting Area
– Standard Magnetic Sheild

LINK: 104E-1Tx0N2

New High Density Form C in High Temperature Operating Product Line


In order to meet high density market demand, 1 Form C (SPDT) relay has been added to 6D high temperature operating series.
Since SPDT contact form allows double the density in tree-circuit.
Suitable for Load board applications and high density switching matrix.- SPDT High Density
– 5V and 12V Coil available
– Required Mounting Space: 5.08mm x 5.08mm
– Magnetic Shield

LINK: 6D-1Cx0N0-52

The Ultra Breakdown Relay


The Ultra Breakdown relay, HA702-118, is added to Sanyu high breakdown products line. The HA702-118 achieves the highest spec among this product family, 18KV breakdown voltage between contacts (max) and 15KV
switching voltage (max). In order to reduce assembly cost and difficulties, HA702-118 series adopts structure with the high breakdown signal cables protruding from the top of the relay’s surface and underneath coil lead for relay positioning and anchoring. We continue to support the fields of electrical safety-related validation, testing,inspection, and services.

– Ultra Breakdown Voltage 18.0KV Between Contacts
– Unique Assembly Design
– Switching Voltage 12.0KV

LINK: HA702-118

The latest High Breakdown Voltage Reed Relay


As the leader in high breakdown voltage reed relays, Sanyu Electric is pleased to introduce our latest series of reed relays ideally suited to meet the high standards set by industries supporting breakdown voltage measurement, ESD and automotive device testing equipment and instrumentation. We are proud to be an approved vendor within the automotive industry’s global supply chain where high quality and high reliability are a must.
LINK: High Breakdown Voltage

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Introducing De Facto Standard Series


The 20D-1Cx0N1-40 is one of 20D 1 Form C series. Non electrostatic shield configuration provides cost effectiveness, and design flexibility for wide range of applications including OEM designs.Key Features:

– De Facto Standard 1 Form C
– 5.0V/12.0V Coil
– Low Power Consumption / Higher Coil Resistance
– Breakdown Voltage 1500V (Between Contacts to Coil)

LINK: 20D-1C10N1-40


The 20E-2A10N0-40 is one of multi-pole reed relay series, configured as 2 Form A.Designed with De Facto Standard package and layout, provides higher density capability. High reliability and long life expectancy.Key Features:

– De Facto Standard 2 Form A
– 5.0V Coil- Low Power Consumption / Higher Coil Resistance
– 200V Switching Voltage
– Long Life Expectancy (1500 Million Operations)

LINK: 20E 2 Form A


Due to market demands of high-density with multi-pole solution, the 22D 2 Form C series is designed. Adapted non electrostatic shield structure, this relay provides De Facto Standard pin layout with multi-pole function.

Key Features:

– De Facto Standard 2 Form C
– 5.0V/12.0V Coil
– Breakdown Voltage 1000V (Between Contacts to Coil)

LINK: 22D 2 Form C


The 27D-1C12N1-40 is suitable for automated test equipment and RF requirement. Electrostatic shield is standard feature and provides superior RF characteristics in 1 Form C PCB through hole relay.

Key Features:

– De Facto Standard PCB Through Hole Package
– 5.0V Coil

– Low Power Consumption / Higher Coil Resistance

LINK: 27D 1 Form C

DCF 1.0

The 102R series comes in a small Micro SIP package with magnetic shield and internal coil suppression diode as standard features.These features allow high-density mounting and suitable for wider range of application, such as automatic test equipment, instrumentation,burn-in test, and telecommunication applications.

Key Features:

– 200V Switching Voltage
– 1.6A Carry Current
– Long Life Expectancy (1500 Million Operation)

LINK: 102R 1 Form A