HA701 Series


Product Descriptions:

The HA701 series have unique design feature such as signal pins that extend beyond the top of the relay’s surface. With only coil pins, these fixed PCB mounts do not require high voltage signals to pass through the PCB allowing for improved safety. The HA701 series has coil voltage options of 5.0/12.0/24.0V and dielectric strength options of 5.0/10.0/15.0KV. Thus, it can be adopted to follow our customer’s specific design requirements.
– Breakdown Voltage 5.0/10.0/15.0KV
– Contact Rating 50W
– Switching Voltage up to 10.0KV
– Carry Current 4.0A
– Reliability 10⁸ Cycle

HA701 Series B
HA701 Series A

Notes: All specifications on this datasheet and production status are subject to change without notice. Prior to the purchase, please contact Sanyu Electric, Inc. for updated product specifications and request specification sheets for detailed product data.