20 Series 1 Form C


Product Descriptions:

With proven track of reliability, the 20D Series 1 Form C relay has been on the market for more than 28 years. Now Sanyu has added on this series to suit to the need of high operating temperature up to 155 ˚C with high reliable life expectancy performance. From C contact relays ideally suited to the meet of ATE, IC testing and probe card demands multiplexer and tree measurement circuit.

– Operating Temperature -20˚C to +155˚C
– Contact Rating 3W
– Electrostatic Shield
– Electric Magnetic Shield
– Breakdown Voltage 1.5KV
– RF Performance up to 1.5GHz


20 Series 1 Form C

Notes: All specifications on this datasheet and production status are subject to change without notice. Prior to the purchase, please contact Sanyu Electric, Inc. for updated product specifications and request specification sheets for detailed product data.