1H-4A Series


Product Descriptions:

The 1H-4A series is configured in small surface mount package with 4 channels.

Inside, each channel has 50Ω coaxial shield and extend Superior RF performance

from DC to 8GHz.

This 4FormA configuration will also provide you higher DC current capability.

– Coil Voltage 5.0 and 12.0V
– Reflow Temperature EIA STD J-STD-020D
– RF Performance up to 8.0GHz
– Reliability 300 million over

1H-4A Series B1H-4A Series A

1H-4A Series

Notes: All specifications on this datasheet and production status are subject to change without notice. Prior to the purchase, please contact Sanyu Electric, Inc. for updated product specifications and request specification sheets for detailed product data.