1 Series



Product Descriptions:

As a standard for Sanyu SMT relays product line, the 1 H Series has been upgraded to suit operating temperature of up to 155˚C.

The 1H Series is suitable to operate at high temperature environmental test application such as Known Good Die, Bar-In test and high temperature. Direct apply wafer test. Assembly reflow oven temperature has also been improved to 260˚C max and 60 seconds.

– Operating Temperature -20˚C to +155˚C
– Reflow Oven Temperature
– RF Performance up to 6.0GHz
– Impedance 50Ω
– UL Certified


1 Series

Notes: All specifications on this datasheet and production status are subject to change without notice. Prior to the purchase, please contact Sanyu Electric, Inc. for updated product specifications and request specification sheets for detailed product data.