Introducing De Facto Standard Series


The 20D-1Cx0N1-40 is one of 20D 1 Form C series. Non electrostatic shield configuration provides cost effectiveness, and design flexibility for wide range of applications including OEM designs.Key Features:

– De Facto Standard 1 Form C
– 5.0V/12.0V Coil
– Low Power Consumption / Higher Coil Resistance
– Breakdown Voltage 1500V (Between Contacts to Coil)

LINK: 20D-1C10N1-40


The 20E-2A10N0-40 is one of multi-pole reed relay series, configured as 2 Form A.Designed with De Facto Standard package and layout, provides higher density capability. High reliability and long life expectancy.Key Features:

– De Facto Standard 2 Form A
– 5.0V Coil- Low Power Consumption / Higher Coil Resistance
– 200V Switching Voltage
– Long Life Expectancy (1500 Million Operations)

LINK: 20E 2 Form A


Due to market demands of high-density with multi-pole solution, the 22D 2 Form C series is designed. Adapted non electrostatic shield structure, this relay provides De Facto Standard pin layout with multi-pole function.

Key Features:

– De Facto Standard 2 Form C
– 5.0V/12.0V Coil
– Breakdown Voltage 1000V (Between Contacts to Coil)

LINK: 22D 2 Form C


The 27D-1C12N1-40 is suitable for automated test equipment and RF requirement. Electrostatic shield is standard feature and provides superior RF characteristics in 1 Form C PCB through hole relay.

Key Features:

– De Facto Standard PCB Through Hole Package
– 5.0V Coil

– Low Power Consumption / Higher Coil Resistance

LINK: 27D 1 Form C

DCF 1.0

The 102R series comes in a small Micro SIP package with magnetic shield and internal coil suppression diode as standard features.These features allow high-density mounting and suitable for wider range of application, such as automatic test equipment, instrumentation,burn-in test, and telecommunication applications.

Key Features:

– 200V Switching Voltage
– 1.6A Carry Current
– Long Life Expectancy (1500 Million Operation)

LINK: 102R 1 Form A