High Density / Low Profile Technology


Ultra Density SMT:Recent trend of miniaturization and requirement of large number of channels in an application, reliable ultra miniature switching device are demanded.
Development philosophy with inherited reliability and assembly capacity of 1E Series was put into succession of the 9E Series small form factor reed relay compared with 1E-14J, the mounting area for this series achieved 30% shrinkage with the same great reliability.

The 9E Series has a long product life that is widely accepted by the ATE, telecommunications and  wireless communications markets.

LINK: Ultra Density


Low Profile SMT:1E Series was put into succession of the 1E Low Profile Series. Gull-Wing and J-Lead achieved low height of 3.6mm.  Key feature of this low profile series is maintaining same pin assignment and land patterns.
Design Engineers easily utilize current board layout data for new development and shorten development schedule of their board design. This series is already in mass production for the ATE, telecommunications, and other instrument markets with great acceptance for low height and reliability.

LINK:1E Low Profile Series